Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair – Raleigh, NC

An Exhaust System Needing Repair Affects the Performance and Safety of Your Vehicle

Your car’s exhaust system is designed to carry away the different gases created when fuel and air are burned during the combustion process. Road and weather conditions, as well as driving habits, can affect the life of your exhaust system. When the muffler and exhaust pipe becomes corroded noxious fumes can leak into your car’s interior causing a safety hazard. You may also begin to notice a decrease in gas mileage. When problems occur, it’s important to have them repaired by the experts at USA Automotive in Raleigh, NC.

The exhaust system of every automobile should be monitored regularly to make sure there are no leaks or problems. If it is not working properly you will not only experience less gas mileage, you may even end up having problems with failed emissions tests. During any routine maintenance, the technicians at USA Automotive will inspect your vehicle’s muffler and exhaust system and let you know if there are any parts that require repair or replacement.

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Mufflers,Including Flowmaster Mufflers

If you’ve ever experienced a leak in your car’s muffler, you know how loud and embarrassing it is to drive around. Your car’s muffler is designed to not only reduce noise but also minimize air pollution. Leaks in your car’s muffler can also cause more than noise pollution. It can become a safety concern for you and your passengers.

The trained technicians at USA Automotive can handle all your muffler repair and replacement needs. We are able to service a wide range of vehicles including vans and light trucks, foreign and domestic. Whether it’s a minor repair or your vehicle needs a new muffler, we can help you select the one that best fits your car and budget.

Are you looking to customize your system with a high performance muffler like those made by Flowmaster Mufflers or Magnaflow? We frequently install Flowmaster Mufflers on high performance cars and light trucks. The Flowmaster Muffler, well-known for its sound, will give your vehicle increased horsepower, torque and fuel economy. We’ll help you select the right Flowmaster Muffler for the performance and sound you desire.

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