A Guide To Hybrid Car Service

Hybrid cars have become increasingly popular and with reason. In the age of climate warming, they save substantially on fuel and emissions, creating a much more reduced impact than traditional cars. However, combining an electric motor with a regular engine requires some special maintenance needs. Although hybrid vehicles are more expensive than regular ones at

Common Habits You Didn’t Know Could Be Damaging Your Car

Regardless of how experienced of a driver you might be, there are still a few common habits you may not know that could be damaging your car. Dragging the brakes downhill Brake pads and discs don’t appreciate the extra wear and tear caused by dragging/ridding (keeping your foot on the brake pedal while driving) your

5 Key Items To Discuss At Your Car’s Next Service

When you leave your car in the hands of fate, you’re putting both yourself and everyone else on the road at risk. You’re also at risk of losing money and time if a key component fails beyond repair due to negligence. This is why car maintenance is so important. Just like your overall health, your

Car Maintenance Tips For Winter Season

When temperatures drop and frosting, rain and snow take over, the road becomes a more dangerous place and your vehicle requires a little extra care in order to function its best. By paying close attention to what your vehicle is telling you and following these car maintenance tips for winter season, you’ll be able to

How To Pick The Best Tires For Your Vehicle

Tires keep you and your vehicle driving safely and smoothly which is why it’s important to pick the best tires for your vehicle when it comes time to change them. Factors such as size, performance, weather and road conditions are the most important aspects to consider. We offer you a brief guide to help you