How To Keep Your Parked Car Cool In Warm Weather

Not even the highest-end cars are immune to hot weather. It can turn the interior into an unbearable environment.

The sun’s heat enters your vehicle through the windows and stays trapped, heating everything inside to what can be an unbearable temperature. 

This temperature increase is highest during the first 15 minutes your car is parked. Studies have shown that on a sunny day with temperatures ranging from 72ºF to 96ºF, the temperature inside a car can increase by 40ºF. Uncomfortable, for sure, but dangerous also!

However, there are some tips you can use to help your parked car stay cooler in warm weather. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are out on a hot day.

Keeping your Parked Car Cool

Park Smart:

Keeping your parked car cool in hot weather is much easier when you park smart. This means leaving it inside your garage or carport when possible, and under a shaded area if it is available. 

While it will always be best to keep your vehicle parked in a parking garage – not just in terms of heat protection, but also for safety. Sometimes this is not an option, so leaving your vehicle under the shade of trees or a tall building can still work to reduce its interior temperature. 

Consider the time of day when you’ll be leaving your vehicle parked, and when you plan to arrive, as a shaded space at 11 a.m. probably won’t be there at 3 p.m.

Use a windshield sunshade:

Using a sunshade can be a tremendously efficient way to keep your parked car cool in warm weather. Set it up every time you exit your car, and for extra protection, add one to your rear windshield as well. 

Cover your vehicle’s interior:

There is nothing pleasant about trying to sit down in your vehicle and finding a scorching hot leather seat or vinyl surface. Avoid the uncomfortableness and dangers of it by covering your car’s interior after parking.

A dash cover can act as a great way to keep your dashboard protected from the heat and prevent sun damage, as cracking and fading can easily happen. 

As for your seats, try placing a sheet or cover over them, and use a hand towel for your steering wheel. This will help keep them out of the sun and lower surface temperature. 

Use a solar-powered fan:

Solar-powered fans can be a great addition to your vehicle. These attach to the top of one of your rolled-up windows with an outward-facing solar panel to provide the energy. The fan works by blowing hot air out from inside the car while pulling in the relatively cooler air from the outside. 

Leave your windows slightly open:

If you are confident about the place you are leaving your car parked, keeping the windows slightly cracked open can help reduce the inside temperature tremendously, as it allows air circulation. 

For security reasons, try to only do this in places you know are safe. Only a small crack (no more than an inch wide) will do the trick and help you keep your parked car cool in warm weather. 

When re-entering your vehicle:

The ultimate tip comes for when it is time to re-enter your parked car. You can leave the doors open for at least 2 to 10 minutes, allowing the hot air to flow out, or accelerate the process by fanning the inside with your hands or a windshield sunshade. 

As you can see, it only takes a few accessories and smart choices to keep your parked car cool in hot weather, keep them in mind and it will be easier to enjoy the summer!

Written by lttrest07

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