A Guide To Hybrid Car Service

Hybrid cars have become increasingly popular and with reason. In the age of climate warming, they save substantially on fuel and emissions, creating a much more reduced impact than traditional cars.

However, combining an electric motor with a regular engine requires some special maintenance needs. Although hybrid vehicles are more expensive than regular ones at first, both its fuel savings and low maintenance needs represent less costs in the long run.

Just as with any other type of car maintenance and service there are things to constantly keep in mind. At USA Automotive we’ve been offering service help for years now, therefore we are able to provide you with this quick hybrid car service guide for you to follow and keep your vehicle in top shape always.

Hybrid Car Service Guide – What To Pay Attention To

When purchasing a hybrid car, it’s important to know what type of things you should pay special attention to in order to avoid breakdowns and unexpected malfunctions. Follow this quick hybrid car service guide to stay on top of it all.

Keep the battery in check

The battery is an item that should always be on the top of every car’s maintenance list, and in the case of hybrids who depend on electricity to run, you must always be aware of its functionality, especially in cold weather conditions since this can affect its performance and charge.

At the top of your hybrid car service guide is the need for checking the connections, water levels and terminals, looking for corrosion signs and ensuring everything is working properly and under the right levels.

It is also important to make sure the 12 volt ‘starting’ battery stays in good shape.

Check your tires

Regardless of what type of vehicle you own, tires are a component of the utmost importance, and in the case of hybrids, they seriously impact the performance of your vehicle.

The correct tire pressure will provide the best fuel efficiency for your hybrid vehicle so always make sure to keep it in check in order to ensure good mileage and performance. Because hybrid vehicles have a lower rolling resistance, it’s important to check with your service provider that the ones you’re using are the correct type for your Hybrid vehicle.

Brake fluid flushes and brake caliper slide lubrication are important to have inspected and serviced as needed due to the hybrid electric motor that performs some of the cars braking at times.

Routine engine checks

Hybrids run on a conventional engine, meaning their oil needs to be changed regularly and the owner’s manual schedule needs to be kept in check. The same goes for transmission fluid, which needs to be replaced or serviced as necessary.

A Throttle Body Cleaning is very important to have performed regularly on hybrids also.

Because hybrid cars run both on electricity and fuel, their engines will usually wear at a much slower rate than standard vehicle’s.

Check the radiator

Always keep an eye on your hybrid car radiator coolant levels, flushing it and filling it periodically to avoid the accumulation of rust and debris in it, which affect its performance deeply.

Keep a regular maintenance schedule

While driving your hybrid, keeping a regular maintenance schedule is the best way for it to continue performing as well as it’s supposed to.

Things like having your brakes and suspension checked every so often or replacing the fuel filter are an essential part of your hybrid car service guide. By keeping these items in check you can make sure that the investment made will be taken care of and your hybrid will stay at the top of its performance throughout its life.

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