Looking After Your Cars’ Interior is Easier With These Tips

While the exterior is the most visible part of any vehicle, this doesn’t mean interiors should be neglected. On the contrary, looking after your car’s interior provides comfort to you and the rest of your passengers, while improving everyone’s safety and extending the lifetime and value of your car. 

At USA Automotive we’ve gathered a few simple tips to help you look after your car’s interior. We encourage you to get into the habit of doing one thing every day, so it doesn’t accumulate and force you to spend a long time in a deep cleaning. 

Looking After Your Car’s Interior, One Thing at a Time


The best way to look after your car’s interior is to regularly vacuum it, as this is the most effective way to remove dirt and debris from every nook and cranny. A regular vacuuming once a week should be enough to keep your floor and seating clean; check between the seats, remove floor mats and shake them out before vacuuming in order to remove excess dust, making sure to use a narrow mouth attachment to your vacuum to get the hard to reach areas.

Take Care of Your Upholstery

Though a vacuum is useful, grime can accumulate over time and damage your upholstery. In the case of fabric upholstery, carpet and upholstery cleaners should be enough to deep clean seats and carpets.

In the case of leather though, a quality leather cleaner and conditioner will be necessary to remove stains and protect it from further damage. However, the best tool, in this case, is prevention, as leather can be easily stained and very expensive to clean.

Make sure to wipe down vinyl or leather seats using an appropriate cleaning product at least once a week and deep clean about every 3 months. 

Protect Your Dashboard

While a weekly vacuuming can get rid of dust, at least twice a month take the time to wipe off your dashboard with a microfiber dust cloth and apply a protectant to prevent fading, cracking and peeling. This will also help you protect the color of your interior from damaging UV rays. Don’t forget to pay the same attention to the steering wheel!


Leaving dirt to accumulate on your windows can become a safety hazard, as your visibility will be affected. Regularly wash your windows using a glass cleaner with water repellent formulas. Be sure to check the cleaner and verify it can be applied to windows. Some household window cleaners could cause problems on tinted windows or damage the heating elements that defrost your windshield. 

Once a week, clean your windows both inside and out, as well as mirrors and front and rear windshields. Quarterly, check the area under the rear windshield to remove accumulated debris and dust. 

Don’t Forget Your Trunk!

It can be easy to forget, but a cluttered trunk can be bad for your car’s fuel economy, as any unnecessary items accumulating back there will add weight to it, causing your engine to work harder while driving and burn more fuel. 

Give your vehicle’s trunk a check at least once a month, discarding anything that doesn’t belong there. Dusting and vacuuming its interior, declutter, and make sure emergency supplies are always available when you may need them. 

Clear Out Trash and Organize

Among the many obligations of daily life, it can be easy to just let trash accumulate inside your vehicle. Make sure to empty your trash regularly and keep the interior free of clutter. 

If your work or lifestyle demands that you bring many items with you on the road, car organization items are a must. They help prevent dirt, debris, and prevent items from damaging your interior. 

Keep everything in its right place and avoid an expensive cleaning bill down the line.

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