Tires. They keep us moving.


Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and often we wait too late to check them.  Tire maintenance is something you should factor in just like your oil changes.  Tires sometimes can lose air pressure due to temperature or road conditions.  When the air pressure in your tire drops your whole car has to work harder to propel and you don’t get maximum gas mileage.

Your tires can also become out of alignment due to road conditions like pot holes, dirt paths, or gravel roads.  When your tire’s alignment becomes skewed you may notice the car pulling to one side while driving, low air pressure in your tires can also cause this.    Continuing to drive when your tires are out of align will cause uneven wear to the tread of the tire.  This will prematurely wear your tires.  It is always good to get a tire rotation along with your oil changes.

This allows the tires to be evenly worn over the life of the tire.  This is also a great opportunity for the technician to alert you to possible upcoming issues with the tires.



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