Top 5 Most Expensive Toll Roads in America

Highway tolls are something we have to account for when traveling. We may not be aware of any new construction, but we understand that the tolls need to be paid. There are still 22 states that don’t collect tolls, but that leaves plenty that do. Not every highway cost us the same to travel across it, and according to, the following are the Top 5 Most Expensive Toll Roads in America:


The E-470 in Denver, Colorado is 47 miles long and has five different stops for which you have to pay a $3 toll. Traveling the entire 47 miles will cost you fifteen bucks, which turns out to be 33 cents per mile.


Only 11 miles long, the Delaware Turnpike is a direct connector between Baltimore and Philadelphia. To enter the Delaware Turnpike, it costs travelers $4, which amounts to 36 cents per mile. The expense for driving on the turnpike continues to rise as the turnpike needs repairs. These renovations are making it the fourth most expensive toll road in America.


The Chicago Skyway connects the Illinois’s I-90 with the Indiana Tollway. It’s a rather short highway, but also costs $4 just to get onto the road. The cost of the Chicago Skyway is higher than other toll roads in the area, which will cost you 75 cents on average. To travel on the Chicago Skyway, it comes out costing you 51 cents per mile.


The Fort Bend Parkway is about 7.5 miles long and will cost you about $4 to get on. Toll prices go up as long as you stay on the parkway. This road is usually how drivers connect to downtown Houston. This average out to 53 cents per mile.


The most expensive toll road in America is the 17-mile stretch of highway on the Monterey Peninsula. This road connects Pacific Grove with Pebble Beach. Just to enter this road, travelers must pay $9.25 cents per car. There are no other tolls on this road, but the high cost of entering makes it the most expensive toll road.

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