Pre Purchase Car Inspection

When buying a used car, a pre-purchase car inspection is one of the most important steps to take during the process.

A pre-purchase car inspection by a third party is the only way you have to guarantee that the investment you’re about to make is truly worth it. By having a qualified automotive technician examine the car you’re considering buying, you’ll be rest assured that there won’t be any surprises after the purchase.

What To Look For During A Pre Purchase Car Inspection

After you’ve identified the vehicle that you’d like to purchase, you’ll want to make sure there are no hidden issues that will make you regret your purchase afterwards. After all, what’s most important is what’s under the hood and the vehicle’s body.

During a pre-purchase car inspection, the automotive technician will thoroughly inspect the vehicle you’re about to buy, assessing its current safety condition and looking for any mechanical and maintenance issues that you may have not noticed at first glance.

Some of the things a technician will inspect include:

  • Tires
  • Dash warning light inspection and bulb check
  • Computer system readiness monitor check
  • Electrical system components
  • Suspension components
  • Exterior lights
  • Brakes
  • Radiator and cooling system
  • Battery and charging system
  • Belts, Hoses, Fluids, Wiper operation
  • Air Condition and Heating system
  • Transmission and Engine operation
  • Exhaust System
  • And more…

Making Money vs. Losing Money

Scheduling a pre-purchase inspection can be the difference between making your money’s worth or losing your investment.

By having an expert look at the vehicle you’re interested in buying, you can learn the full truth about the car’s condition and make an informed and confident decision. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection will also help you anticipate any future maintenance needs and budget for them accordingly.

At USA Automotive we are qualified to give your vehicle a thorough pre-purchase inspection, helping you better negotiate with the seller and avoid an unpleasant situation. Call today to schedule a visit and get a free quote.

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