Top 5 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

In the world of vehicle repairs some tend to be more common than others, but the truth is, most vehicle repairs are preventable if you keep several key tips in mind.

At USA Automotive we have a team of experts lined up to take care of every need that may come up in your vehicle’s life, however, with proper attention and care, many of these top 5 most common repairs for vehicles can be prevented.

As a vehicle owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your car running in top condition. Find out what each of these very common repairs consist of, and keep an eye on the overall maintenance of your car in order to avoid costly auto repair as much as possible:

#1 – Oil Change:

Although this is one of the most important maintenance services to keep your vehicle running smoothly, oil changes also tend to be one of the most overlooked. Leaving your oil change for the last minute can cause friction due to a lack of lubricant for your engine. This can result in damaged parts and a much more costly repair in the end.

#2 – Wiper Blade Replacement:

Most wiper blades start showing signs of needing to be replaced around the 12 month mark. Therefore, it is recommended that you change your windshield wiper blades after approximately 6 or 12 months of use. A wiper blade that works properly assures the best possible visibility, keeping you and everyone else on the road safe.

#3 – Air Filter Replacement:

Depending on the conditions and amount of time your car is driven, changing your air filter might be necessary around the 12,000 – 18,000 mile mark. However, an overall inspection every now and then to check for debris and dirt may prevent you from a costly repair down the line.. (Need only 1 period at the end of the sentence)

#4 – Scheduled Maintenance:

Keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance is important for both your vehicle and your wallet. How frequently you go in for scheduled maintenance will depend on factors such as: a thorough inspection of engine, cooling, brakes, transmission and suspension components. All of these things are necessary in order to identify any issues that may turn into a real, much more expensive problem later on.

#5 – Tire Services:

The most obvious sign your car needs tires service is tire wear. For example, things such as riding on tires that are consistently under or over inflated may negatively affect your suspension system or alignment, and cause the tires to prematurely wear out quicker.

Tires also need to be rotated, balanced and/or replaced semi-regularly. Your tires are responsible for getting you where you need to go safely; therefore, it’s important to continuously check them and make sure their performance is the absolute best it can be.

Our main mission at USA Automotive is to make sure your car is working as best as it possibly can. Our preventive maintenance services offered by our team of expert mechanics guarantees just that.

Don’t let a small thing turn into a bigger, more expensive issue in the future. Schedule an appointment with us today so that we can prevent automotive problems tomorrow.

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