Answers to Frequently Asked Auto Repair Questions

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Your Auto Repair Questions Answered!

To celebrate our birthday, we’re answering some unique, somewhat frequently asked car repair questions that we hear.

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#1 – “When should I replace my vehicle’s fuel filter?

To help ensure dependable, trouble-free performance, replace your car’s fuel filter approximately every 30,000 miles. A new fuel filter will not only help the fuel pump last longer but will also help you achieve better gas mileage.

Most vehicles have an external replaceable fuel filter that can be serviced for preventative maintenance. There are some vehicles that have the fuel filter inside the gas tank and are unfortunately, not serviceable with normal preventative maintenance.

#2 – “What do I do if my vehicle overheats?”

This is a very serious problem – if your car overheats for too long, you can damage your engine. As soon as possible, find a safe place to pull off the road and shut the engine off!

Do not attempt to check the fluid level in the radiator – it can burn you!

Have your vehicle towed to a trained professional to assess the reasons for your vehicle’s overheating. USA Automotive’s ASE Certified Technicians are very experienced at working with overheated engines, and are happy to diagnose, service and repair the issue for you.

#3 – “Why do I need to change my brake fluid?”

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic fluid meaning that it absorbs moisture out of the air. The moisture that it absorbs breaks down the fluid and can be detrimental to the braking system resulting in costly repair bills. The brake fluid naturally decreases in the reservoir as a result of normal usage of your brakes.

automotive technician performing mechanical service to vehicle#4 –  “Why do I need to flush the cooling system in my car?”

Coolant is an interesting fluid. Not only does it help keep your car’s A/C blowing cold air, it also transfers heat from the internal parts of the engine to the radiator to dissipate, keepings your engine from overheating!

Your engine wouldn’t continue to run if it didn’t. However, coolant (also known as anti-freeze) is very corrosive. If left longer than 2 years in your cooling system, it can begin to eat away the rubber seals in the cooling system and metal of your radiator.

So it’s important that the engine coolant (anti-freeze) be changed every 2 years to keep your automobile running it’s best.


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