What Pollen Season Means for Your Car

If you’ve lived in the Carolinas for at least a year, you’ve encountered the springtime pollen season. And if you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve learned how to deal with it. Not like we have a choice in the matter. But in the midst of all your sneeze attacks, watery eyes, and allergy medications, there’s no reason that your car should suffer!

What North Carolina’s Pollen Season Means for Your Car

Pollen and your car

Left unattended, your vehicle will eventually turn a lovely shade of yellowish-green. If that’s not your favorite color, there are a few things Raleigh drivers can do to protect their vehicles from the constant pollen onslaught. There’s always a good accumulation of pollen before you notice the season, so you should clean your car inside and out. Make sure to add a coat of wax when you finish.

As your car sits in your driveway or parking lot, the surrounding trees can layer your vehicle with a fresh coat of pollen, ruining any washing you did. Invest in an all-weather car cover! That will ensure that your car does not lose the shine you gave it at the car wash. Just unveil your sparkling vehicle and drive to work, shiny as ever. Protecting it through the night and preserving that finish will really make your car stand out.

Another tip is to make sure your windshield wipers are cleaned about once a week. When the pollen from your wiper blades combines with rain or window washer fluid, it can create a paste that smears on your windows. Keeping them clean is a good way to keep your windows as pollen-free as possible.

Pollen can be abrasive, so be careful whenever you decide to hand wash your car. It’s a good idea to occasionally spray down the outside of your car with water, and wipe down the windows really good. This makes sure no pollen gets into your car. Also, use a damp cloth on the body so you don’t scratch the paint.


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