Drive Belt Replacement in Raleigh, NC

There are many parts on your vehicle’s engine that are required for it to function properly: The alternator, water pump, air conditioner compressor, and power steering pump; all of which rely on the drive belt, also known as a serpentine belt.

Your vehicle’s drive belt delivers power to many essential components inside the vehicle and it will usually need to be replaced somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Once it begins to wear out, it will eventually break, and you won’t be able to drive your vehicle until it is replaced. This means special attention should be paid to it during your vehicle’s regular maintenance appointments.

For drivers who have found themselves in need of assistance, USA Automotive is proud to offer effective and budget-friendly drive belt replacement in Raleigh, NC.

ASE Certified Drive Belt Replacement

As any responsible vehicle owner knows, regular maintenance allows mechanics to detect any malfunctions before they turn into more serious issues. With the drive belt, any cuts, cracks, missing chunks, frays or signs of wear are clear indications it needs replacing.

However, vehicle owners should monitor for any signs such as a squeaking drive belt under rainy weather conditions or loud screeching noises lasting for a few seconds after the engine has started which are a common warning sign of a worn-out and failing belt.

While your vehicle will most likely continue running with a worn-out or loose drive belt, it is better not to take any chances, as you could easily end up being stranded at the side of the road, or even worse, end up with damage to your vehicle. If the serpentine drive belt breaks while the engine is running it can damage other components near it, especially the exposed electrical wiring in the general area.

At USA Automotive we are proud to provide you with the attention and service your vehicle deserves with our expert drive belt replacement in Raleigh, NC. All repairs are performed by our team of ASE Certified technicians, who can identify any issues and provide you with the best solution for you and your vehicle.

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