What to get Dad this Father’s Day?

  With Father’s Day approaching what better way to tell Dad thanks for always having your back than making sure his car is in tip-top shape?  There are many maintenance aspects to owning a vehicle that can be often overlooked. Make sure Dad knows you care by bringing his car by to have tire pressure

The pollen is finally all gone…….or is it?

  Even though our vehicles and us are no longer covered with pollen, your vehicle may still be bogged down by the build up in your filters.  Most every car has a cabin air filter that filters air from the outside in to the vehicle for the air you breathe and your car uses for

What is a North Carolina State Inspection?

North Carolina state inspections have been mandatory since 1964. NC state inspection are required when it’s time for you to renew your car registration. There are two parts to the state inspection: an emissions check and a safety check. All vehicles on the roads that are under 35 years old have to have both inspections

Top 5 Most Expensive Toll Roads in America

Highway tolls are something we have to account for when traveling. We may not be aware of any new construction, but we understand that the tolls need to be paid. There are still 22 states that don’t collect tolls, but that leaves plenty that do. Not every highway cost us the same to travel across

Answers to Frequently Asked Auto Repair Questions

USA Automotive is excited to celebrate our 32nd birthday! We are honored to have been able to provide quality and reliable auto repair services in Raleigh since we first opened on July 1, 1986. 32 Years of Outstanding Automotive Services in Raleigh, NC   Our goal has always been to keep Raleigh’s vehicles safe and