Pollen and your car

What Pollen Season Means for Your Car

If you’ve lived in the Carolinas for at least a year, you’ve encountered the springtime pollen season. And if you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve learned how to deal with it. Not like we have a choice in the matter. But in the midst of all your sneeze attacks, watery eyes, and allergy medications, there’s

Check Engine Light illuminated in a car's dashboard

Answers to the 4 Most Frequently Asked Check Engine Light Questions

At USA Automotive, we love answering our customers auto repair and maintenance questions! We believe automotive education is an important factor in building trust and maintaining safer automobiles. One of the most mysterious car parts it seems is the check engine light. Our expert mechanics get tons of questions about this helpful little dashboard light,

7 Reasons Why Cars Need “Preventative Maintenance” Services

Manufacturers know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer and increase your satisfaction with the product. But many car owners do not see the same value in getting regular preventative maintenance services performed on their vehicle. Car makers and owners have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular